Very friendly and clean. Been using this vet for over 15 years and wont use anyone else. Very good with animals. My dog didnt even realize she was getting shots!

Cecilia M.

Our dog has high anxiety, but always is so at ease when with the docs. It is nice to see. Plus they aren't looking to immediately jump to surgery options and offer cost effective treatment plans WHILE ensuring all of our pets are healthy and happy.


They are so amazing here! Compassionate but realistic when your animals have major issues and you have to make the tough decisions. They don't recommend useless treatments that won't help just to make your bill higher. I have miniature goats that have been treated in the small pet rooms and large dogs that have been treated in the livestock area. There's nothing that would get me to go to another vet clinic as long as this one is here.

Allison W.

The courteous, sincere attitude of the vet and assistants made our trip a much more survivable experience. The three kittens were treated with love and attention and seemed no worse for wear after their surgeries. 24 years with Callahan County Vet.


Our dog was suffering an ear infection as we were traveling across country. We called and they were able to get us in in just a few hours that day. Did an excellent job with Winston even trimmed his nails. Gave us instructions and medicine. We were back on the road in no time. Will definitely keep you in mind for future!!

Laura Y.

My dog had been attacked by another dog and even though they were super busy they still got to him and treated him like he belonged to them very very impressed!!


They were very friendly, cares about your pets, over all a wonderful place to take your pet. Callahan County Veterinarian gets my vote.

Sharon W.

In and out very quickly!


They were great helping me with Kambell. Diagnosed her illness, treated her and home the next day with meds. She is doing well. Everyone is so caring and kind. Thank you Callahan County Veterinarian Clinic!

Wilma N.

Superb! All of their staff are so sweet and have the highest regard for your pets! I'll never go anywhere else! Thank you Callahan County Veterinary Clinic for taking such great care of my furbabies!

June W.

Wonderful group of people. We had a new addition to our hodge podge of animals...a duck. They were so kind with him/her. Since we did not know if "Donald" was a girl or boy, the sweet tech cheerfully Googled to find an answer. I recommend this wonderfull group of people. We won't be going anywhere but there. Thank you all!! Quack!!

Kathleen H.

There all awesome bunch of people. They treated my Asher great and myself. They gave me updates and let me see him when ever I wanted. Thank all of you for getting my fur baby well from Pavo!!

Jackie T.

Callahan County Vet is wonderful. Ms Gracie has a tummy bug, the Vet kept her overnight with an IV in due to severe dehydration, let me come visit her while she was there and made sure she was good to go before totally releasing her. I rate them a 5. My thanks to the Vet and the entire staff for taking care of my fur baby.

Olita R.

Marcie's first visit. Actually got an appointment on the same day. Staff was friendly. Dr. Needham was great. He showed so much concern for my dog. I just moved here and am so happy to find a wonderful clinic so close.

Connie M.
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